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A friend of mine wrote this today. and it brought me to tears becuase it actually just reflected that everyday struggle i have in less than a hundred odd words.—— Don’t you hate it when you don’t feel yourself, and that everything you say sounds stupid to you. You feel like you can’t do enough or care enough for anyone. You lose friends and family and neglect love and support. You feel selfish and rude and sometimes you don’t care. You crave attention even though you dismiss it. You stare into space for long periods of time thinking about nothing. You care so little about yourself and your wellbeing that you either gain or lose weight. Your hygiene lacks. Your friends can’t do anything to help because you won’t let them. You feel like everything you do and every decision you make is wrong. When nothing ever feels right. You change your personality just to be accepted by people who you normally wouldn’t think twice about. You publicise your feelings on the biggest social networking gossip page in the world. And worst of all, the world is full of people but there is just no one to see.
Depression isn’t something you can just snap out of and it isn’t your fault. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself you’re doing okay and the people who’re still around are the people who really care. Don’t try and help me or ‘cure’ me. Just be there even when I don’t want you to be. And to people who judge me on this confession, don’t judge me for telling everyone, judge me for not telling anyone for 3 years. ——

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